We use a credit system for pricing because of the variety in the lengths of essays and the time it takes to provide help.

We assign a credit value to each review based on the length of the essay. Each time you submit an essay of that length, we charge you the corresponding credit price.

Most students use 3 reviews (about 3 credits) for longer essays and 1-2 reviews for shorter ones. Students who get a video coaching call before they start writing typically don't need as many reviews.


  • Credits work for any type of essay or video call and never expire.
  • Our work is risk-free. We're nice people, and we'll refund your purchase if you're not happy.
  • We return all feedback within 48 hours, and expedited turnaround is available.
$75 per credit
Save with a credit package!

How Credits Work

Essay Review

Length Per Review
500+ words
e.g., Common App
1 credit
350-499 words
e.g., UC personal insight
0.75 credits
Under 350 words
e.g., most supplements
0.5 credits

Video Coaching

Length Per Call
50 minutes
Plus written action plan
2 credits


How do I get started?

Don’t worry, we make the essay process a lot easier. If you haven’t started writing yet, we suggest signing up for a coaching call. You’ll spend almost an hour with a Writing Coach brainstorming your content and developing an action plan to help you start writing.
If you’ve written an essay, or you’re currently working on a draft, you can submit your essay for feedback. One of our expert Writing Coaches will provide detailed suggestions to improve your essay’s content, structure, and grammar within 48 hours. We offer rush options as fast as 6 hours!

What should I submit?

You should submit the earliest draft of your essay you can. It can be a free-write, outline, very rough draft, or a later draft. Students who get guidance earlier in the process can save hours per essay. Prompt's Writing Coaches will help you think through your content and provide you with an example outline to help you improve your structure.

Can I submit multiple drafts?

Yes. We encourage it! We recommend getting 2-3 reviews of your personal statement essay and 1-2 reviews of your school supplements. When you submit multiple drafts of the same essay, we try to have the same reviewer provide feedback again.

How many credits should I buy?

It depends on where you’re applying. Check out our packages of credits for guidance on which option is best for you.
You can also give us a call at 1-844-5-PROMPT and one of our Writing Coaches will help you figure out the package that is best for you or your student.

Can I chat with a Writing Coach before I share my essay?

Yes! You can use our live-chat feature to ask our Writing Coaches questions before you submit your drafts or after you receive feedback. You can also include notes about yourself and your draft when you submit an essay, and our Writing Coaches will do their best to meet your needs.