Prompt is a comprehensive English writing education solution for grades 4-12.

Prompt deploys a digital, evidence-based curriculum and delivers instruction from Prompt's writing instructors and coaches. Prompt supports English learners globally as well as native English speakers.

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Prompt improves English writing within any educational environment


Integrate Prompt's curriculum in your courses


Use Prompt's instructors to further learning
Pre and post assessments
Video-based instruction and skill modeling
Adaptive writing analytics
One-to-one writing feedback
Live delivery of instruction  
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Curriculum: Building an English writing foundation

Prompt's writing-specific LMS can be deployed as a "flipped classroom" solution. Students engage with video-based instruction and modeling as well as practice skills at their own pace and skill level. The platform includes:

  • Pre and post assessments
  • Sentence structure units
  • Sources units, including summarization and paraphrasing
  • Paragraph writing units
  • One round of writing feedback (more available as desired)
  • Real-time monitoring of student performance
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Instructors: Custom options based on your needs

Prompt delivers supplemental instruction, tutoring, and feedback alongside your courses or can deliver full courses. All instruction is done in small groups (3 to 7) or one-to-one. Some programs delivered by Prompt's instructors include:

  • Ongoing small group coaching (weekly or biweekly)
  • Interventions for struggling writers
  • Written feedback on various writing assignments
  • Writing courses for various goals (college-level writing)
  • English proficiency testing prep (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • AP Exam writing prep for history and English exams
  • IB Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge coaching
  • College admissions essay coaching and feedback