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About Us

Brad here, CEO of Prompt. I want to share a bit more about our mission: provide access to feedback regardless of socioeconomic status or personal connections.

All too often, people complete a paper and turn it in as-is, without bothering to get feedback from others on its content, structure, or grammar. The first version of a paper is called a "rough draft" for a reason—it is probably quite rough. Most rough drafts are filled with unclear content, confusing language, dubious sentence structure, questionable flow of thought, and hard-to-spot grammar errors. I know this because I have now written quite a bit in my life and still struggle with many of these problems.

John and Jordan, our two other co-founders, created Prompt with me to help you become a rockstar of written communication. Our network of Feedback Sages, writing specialists with expertise on a wide range of subjects, are at your beck and call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (366 days in leap years). For you, we created two options for feedback – free and affordable.

FREE. We believe in access to feedback for everyone. That is why we offer everyone one free feedback where we provide a grade plus two pieces of simple, actionable feedback. In addition, we provide methods for earning more free feedback by sharing Prompt with your friends.

AFFORDABLE. We believe that you should use Prompt for everything you write. You can get unlimited access to simple, actionable feedback with a Subscription for $29 per month or $199 per year OR you can get Comprehensive Feedback on the content, structure, and grammar or every element of your paper for only $35 for a 900-word, 3-page paper.

So what if you’ve gotten A's on your writing your entire life – you still need Prompt. I thought I was an effective writer. Then, I realized how much farther I had to go after starting my first job after college. Thankfully, I had a host of top-notch people to provide me with feedback along the way. Even today, like many writers, I actively seek feedback on everything I write—including this About Us page!

I strongly encourage you to use Prompt for nearly everything you write. Our Feedback Sages have expertise across a wide variety of subjects and I doubt you will be able to stump our entire network. Use us for your schoolwork: history essays, English essays, book reports, and lab reports. Use us to further your life: admissions essays, resumes, and cover letters. Even use us for feedback on everyday writing: important emails, blogs, and social media posts.

Do not continue to just "get by" with your writing; improve it. Earn better grades. Become more influential. Be a better person. Succeed at life.

Write well and prosper.

Brad, Prompt CEO