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January 2014

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A letter from Brad, our CEO


Thanks for coming to Prompt, where our mission is to make you or your students better writers. Nearly three-quarters of high school students score below proficient in writing, and one-third require remedial English courses in college. We see the impact of this every day. For example, the average first draft of a college admissions essay submitted to Prompt is C-quality. Together, we are going to change this paradigm. Here's how:

  1. Tools to help students develop their content and structure before they start writing. Half of the essays we see don't answer the prompt and three-quarters suffer from a poor structure. Instead of focusing on having students start with a first draft, our philosophy is to build tools to help students think through content to include and how to structure it.

  2. Access to personalized writing feedback. Personalized learning is the most effective and cost efficient way to teach. We've found any student can take a C-quality essay to A-quality in two to three revisions based on detailed personalized feedback. The best part? The results are long lasting with a student's subsequent first drafts starting in a much better place. At Prompt, we've developed editing tools that dramatically decrease the time required to provide comprehensive essay feedback, and we've built a global network of writing specialists we call "Sages."

Effective communication skills are the key for students to achieve their dreams. Join us on our journey and start using our products for college essays today. If you would like to get involved, please feel free to email me at brad@prompt.com.

Write well and prosper!

Brad, Co-founder and CEO of Prompt

Prompt's College Admissions Offerings for Schools and Organizations Coming Spring 2017

High Schools

Prompt helps counselors manage the application process for every student. You can quickly see which students are on track and who needs a gentle push to catch up. Prompt's Application Management Platform creates personalized to-do lists for each student based on a student's school list. Students use Prompt's Content Strategy and Essay Outlining Tools to help them craft better applications in half the time. Schools can take advantage of Prompt's Virtual Writing Center capabilities to efficiently provide feedback on their students' essays. More information coming soon!

College Access Organizations

Prompt strongly believes in college access and has a version of Prompt's Application Management Platform dedicated to College Access Organizations. Organizations can help their student stay on track with their applications, and Prompt's tools help students craft great applications. Plus, organizations can set up their own Virtual Writing Center for reviewing students' essays or leverage Prompt's global network of essay specialists to support their students. More information coming soon!

Independent Consultants

Use Prompt's Application Management Platform to spend more time advising your clients and less time managing your students and editing essays. Prompt takes a student's school list and automatically creates a Personalized Assignment List of everything a student needs to complete including essay prompts and recommendations. Students have access to Prompt's Content Strategy and Essay Outlining Tools which help them craft better applications in half of the time. Click here to learn more.

Prompt's Founders


Brad Schiller. CEO and Engineer turned Writer

Brad built his communication chops at McKinsey, a global management consulting firm. He is a published author and MIT grad. He previously started two successful companies.


Jordan Haines. CTO and Educator

Jordan is a jack-of-all-trades. He has degrees in economics and computer science from MIT. He is a world-class developer, writes a blog, and has spent time teaching high school.


John Parsons. Head Feedback Sage and Lead Developer

John wrote the book on how to game the SAT essay (before the SAT changes) and has spent years working with teachers to develop essay grading tools. He is MIT educated in computer science.